Sunday, May 2

2 Races, 1 weekend.. A Life Lesson

It was back to back races this weekend for me. The first was a 5km run for "Takbo para kay Kristo" and a 16km run for "RUNew" I will do away with the usual race analysis and instead I'll focus on how these runs have helped me learn new lessons and grow stronger as a runner and as a person.

This was something I have never felt with any other sport, until I found running. I have never seen myself want to push harder so that I can always come up on top as better. This is where I learned that hard work does pay off.

I would say that I have never been anymore disciplined in a certain area of my life until running came around. From waking up at 5am to get ready for a run, to having to squeeze in an afternoon strength workout before dinner, I am ready to do it all now.

Running is so much of a learning process that sometimes it catches you by surprise. At one point you may feel like your on top of the world being able to conquer 15km runs while on other days a 5k run will feel like HELL. Running has taught me that you just gotta keep going at it, again and again. Give up now and you'll give up forever.

Aspirations are what keep us on track. These are long term goals that we strive to reach. Running has made me start dreaming again, it has made me believe that anything can be possible and you can achieve anything as long as you start now. My dream? Run the Boston Marathon.

 Here are pictures from the events during the weekend:


argonaut said...

Nice race bud,
Back to back race could be tedious and exhausting but seems like you manage it effeciently!

God speed!

Gingerbreadman said...

It was nice to have finally met you Elmer, good job with your race on a tough course!