Wednesday, September 15


Why do you do it? 
Why do you put yourself through such pain? 
A bike ride in the middle of the day, are you CRAZY?
Doesn't it get boring?
Why are you pushing yourself so hard? For what?

I've been asked these questions quite a lot lately and to tell you the truth, I haven't really given it much thought until now. Well, for those who don't really know me, I try and train about six times per week with a rest day during Thursdays. I usually sneak in short mileages through out the weekdays and do my long runs/rides/swims during the weekends.

I've felt that I have dedicated my life into this so much that I can't seem to see myself doing anything but it. It has basically taken over my life (I hope that's a good thing).

Going back to the question, WHY? How can you do this, day in and day out, but still be able to get back the next day and do it all over again? To tell you the truth, I've found the answer through my past.

I was never really an achiever during my early days. To put it quite bluntly, I was one of those kids who you wouldn't want your own sons or daughters hanging around with. Nor was I one of those guys who the professor was clearly fond off. I was an early smoker at the age of 14, around second year high school and was also into a lot of other mischief in relation with that. A year later I got booted out of school and had to move. In my later years, it didn't get any better. I was clearly unprepared for college and basically only took two entrance exams (where in I was drunk in both instances) which I obviously failed.

In a nutshell, I've had a lot of mistakes. I've also had a lot of people give up on me. I know each one of them, I saw how they looked at me with that face, thinking I will never amount to anything. Not one of them even tried to talk to me and lead me properly. Basically they just assumed I would grow up to be that way.

Well today I am not that person, I've believe I have grown as a better man. Not realizing it till now, I think the sport is what has brought me to be that person. The sport has taught me how to be patient, work hard, and to always believe in yourself with the work you do, cause it will pay off.

So, why do I do this?

Well its for that person who takes his first step in changing his life, its for all the people who gave up on me, its for the people who believed in me, its for the ones who push themselves farther to find out who they really are, its for that person who dreams, and its for love of the sport.

If ever I were sent to one of those group therapy sessions, well these guys would be my support group 

Tuesday, September 14

Triple A Cup (Aquathlon) Results

Race Results
Event: Triple A Cup
Date: Sunday, September 12, 2010
Location : The Palms

Triple A Result Category

Triple A Results Overall

Monday, June 28

Taking the next step in this love affair

When I first met her, I didn't even know if we were meant to be. I still gave it a try though. We usually meet every morning at the same place, at the same time. But, as time grew more of a constraint, we would have to make do with spontaneous moments we could find. Still, we made it work. Through thick and thin we were together, and that is what I believe has kept us going. Everyday she pushes me to work harder and I'm thankful for that. I have become a better man because of it.

Marking today, it has been a total of ten months since we've been together and  I believe I am ready. I'm ready to give it to her and take our relationship to the next step. I know this won't be a mistake and I'm ready to take all the sacrifices to make this happen. Oh Runi I'm ready to do it. 

I'm ready to run my first Marathon

But, just like the movies I want it to be special. I want it to be in a scenic route where I can always look back at and say, I ran that! I want memories of experiences through out the run to be embedded in my brain. I want it to be purely magical. 

I'm not in that much of a hurry. But I need to know which marathon I will be joining next year so that I can make preparations. As of now, I'm internally debating between two events. These are Condura 2011 and the The Bull Runner Dream Marathon. If I could I would join both, but I need to set realistic goals. They both have good things to offer and I don't know which one to choose. Here are my thoughts on each one:

Condura 2011
  • its the skyway! Come on!! Need I say more? 
  • the event is to die for, my first 10k was here and they had the best pre-race opening ever
  • the organizer Mr. Concepcion aka Running Shield is a runner himself, so I'm pretty sure most of the things runners have problems with are covered
  • again, its the SKYWAY!!!!
The Bull Runner Dream Marathon
  • I heard the dreamers here were pampered, really pampered!
  • I saw that they had great support and also there were seminars on attacking your first marathon
  • My turn off for this one is the route, it isn't as great
I actually don't have the full details on each one but I would really love to get your ideas and feedbacks on which would be the best event to have your first marathon in.

Please vote using the polls that I have attached or if you have other suggestions of better races, please do feel free to leave your comments. Thanks! =)
Disclaimer: Runi is a non-realistic, fictional character and I am not dating anyone. So yes girls, please do leave your cell-numbers at the comment box bellow. Thank you. =)

Monday, June 21

Down and Dirty at the New Balance Trail Run

I remember celebrating Valentine's day here at Nuvali earlier this year, and here I was back again on Father's day running the trails once more. 

This would be my second time doing a trail run and I have never been more excited. The idea of running through a forest of trees, methodically maneuvering through slippery rocks, and of course running through a river is my kind of FUN.

Coming into the race, I was very eager to get it started. I think I was excited being back with nature again. It's very different running the trails. The pavement is softer, the air is cleaner, the environment cooler, it kinda makes me think why we don't run here more often? 

While warming up I noticed a few personalities in the crowd. One of them was the "afro man" himself (although I think he's been trimming it lately, not as poofy as it used to be) coach Rio, there were also a few kenyans who go into it (kenyans on trail runs too?? Wuhow!) and of course the ANR Alabang peeps. 

As the race started, we were shocked cause all of us were facing north when the race route was actually to the south! It was the funniest thing ever since people started running one way and we were in awe that it was starting already.

The route we had was a very enjoyable one to say the least. It was filled with dirt tracks, steep descents, river crossings, and grass lands. If trail was what you wanted, trail is what you get! I even slipped on the descent to the river, but none the less I made sure I slipped in the "coolest" way possible. "Para astig parin, diba?" lol

Overall I would say that the experience of this race was a big 5/5. But in terms of event management I felt that a few other things should have been taken cared of:

  • colder post race refreshments
  • at least one more water station (they only had 2 all through out the 15km route)
  • lack of ample size of finisher shirts
But hey why let that ruin your day right? I was still all good vibes after the race cause the endorphins kept kicking my brain cells into overdrive. So thanks again to New Balance and Nuvali for providing us with such a great event!

Oh and here's a shout to all the gaurds and race marshals through out the trail, the nicest people I have ever met! Almost everyone of them greets you a gooooood morning!!