Monday, December 28

Motivational Video

Nike Plus Sport Band Review

The Nike Plus Sport Band is a device which is able to track your distance, pace, and calories burned. It uses a sensor that is attached to your shoe to calculate the strides that your foot makes to be able to measure the distance that you ran.

I bought myself a pair last week and since then I've logged about 8 different runs into it. Here are the pros and cons that I have experienced:

Accuracy - most people talk about how inaccurate the device is and even after calibration it still goes hay wire, well in my runs the sport band was nothing less than very accurate. In my first run, the track I was at was 800 meters and the sport band registered just that (I didn't even calibrate it yet).
Price - I got this for about 3,295 pesos. At first look you would already shout out the word pricey, but for a device like this this already cheap. Other devices that would do the same thing would be costing around 10k-15k.
Uploading Runs - Nike set up this program which is suppose to upload to your runs to their nike website and then this is where all your runs will be stored. Well, hmm.. how do I put this. Its been CRAP, ever since my first run not a single one of my runs have been saved into their website. Ive been going at it over and over again and nothing seems to work. Plus there hasn't been any help what so ever from the Nike customer service, damn.
Darkness - Hello? Mr. Nike have you heard of the device called a backlight? Yes sir, if it is pitch black you can not see a single thing on your sport band. This is quite a hassle for me especially because I run early in the morning, I actually have to pray that I see a lamp post soon that way I can get a glimpse of the data on the watch.
 Screen is too small - The screen is more or less about .5 inches and well its perfect if you just just want to see one data at a time, but then you have to shift through the buttons one at a time to see the different data that you need. All much too hassle when your running.

Taking all things into consideration, if you just want a device that will be able to help you know how far you are running this is already good buy. But if you are expecting a little more like heart rate, time splits, etc. I suggest you invest on those big boy watches like the Garmin.

Plain and simply the nike sport band is perfect for those people who don't have a measured track to run on and still want to know how far they have ran.

Thursday, December 24

Merry Nike Christmas

Buying a new shoe for myself was on top of my wish list for this Christmas. I was initially drooling over the those Newton shoes but my budget didn't quite make it, but no less I was able to buy myself the Nike Lunar Glide.

This is the first shoe I have ever bought with my own money so I'm quite happy with this one. I got them for 5,500 pesos over at Olympic Village in Alabang Town Center,but I have yet to test them.  I've got to say though, when I was fitting it, I was overwhelmed at the comfort I felt when i put my foot in and the response it had when I tried jogging with them in the store.

Apart from this I also added the Nike Plus Sport Band into my shopping bag, it was too irresistible. As I am always OC about my runs, I hope the sport band will be a great tool that would be able to help me improve myself even more.

Also I always wanted to just go running freely in the streets without worrying how far I've ran, I find that this would be more enjoyable then running in the oval that I usually train at.

If my story ended here it would have already been a pretty good one right? I myself would say so, but it gets better! My older brother who has been quite aware with my new fascination to running wanted to give me new running shoe as a Christmas gift and who was I say to say no to a blessing like this right? And thus my second shoe was born!

This time around I didn't get a training shoes anymore, I already opted to get racing flats instead cause what would I be doing with so many training shoes right?

So being the Nike addict I am, I got myself a pair of Nike Lunar Racers. Quite funny no? Yes yes, I am a Lunar addict and nobody can stop me!

I was honestly shocked at how light these shoes were, they made the Nike Lunar Glide feel like two bowling balls on my feet! Ok, I'm exaggerating here but they were much much lighter. But I think their still heavy as racing flats. Oh well, I still can't wait to test it out too.

Quite the irony though, I have so much new running gear but I have yet to test them cause I've been too busy with the Christmas happenings and all that. Next week will be a pure running week, yahoo!!

Merry Christmas everyone! =)

10k Training Program

 My next goal is to be able to run the 10k Condura Race this coming February 2010. I have just come off my first 5k during the Phil Star Celebrity Run and will be participating on two others this January. But as of right now im getting geared up to start training for the 10k, that way I can at least be able to run it quite comfortably. Finishing the race comfortably is my goal here.
After some research and much deliberation with myself, here is the 6 week training program that I will be using as preparation for the race.

Mondays and Fridays: Rest days.  

Tuesdays and Saturdays: Run at a comfortable pace for the designated mileage.
Wednesdays: Cross Training, I will be doing strength training at the gym
Thursdays: Distance to be ran at 10K race pace.
Sundays: Sundays are active recovery days. Run at an easy (EZ), comfortable pace to help loosen up your muscles a run/walk combination  
Sun                  Mon          Tue          Wed           Thu          Fri            Sat
35-40 EZ Run   Rest        3.5M Run     CT         3.5M Run     Rest       4M Run
                                                                    (race pace)
35-40 EZ Run   Rest        4 M Run       CT         3.5M Run      Rest       4.5M Run
                                                                    (race pace)
40-45 EZ Run   Rest        3 M Run       CT         4M Run          Rest      5M Run
                                                                    (race pace)
40-45 EZ Run   Rest        3.5 M Run     CT        3.5 M Run      Rest      6M Run
                                                                    (race pace)
40-45 EZ Run   Rest        4 M Run       CT         4M Run          Rest      7M Run
                                                                    (race pace)
40-45 EZ Run   Rest        3 M Run       CT         3M Run          Rest      Rest
                                                                    (race pace)
10k! Race

Tuesday, December 22

Running Playlist

I am one of those runners who just can't run without any music. I personally enjoy jazz, r&b, and latin music but when it comes to running those just wont hit the spot. So here a few of my guilty pleasures songs that works perfectly in my run and gives me that extra push to work harder. Some of these songs I wouldn't even be caught dead listening to out loud haha

The first four songs are for my warm up before I do my actual running.Then I like starting my pre run getting pumped to the intro of the Linkin Park song, works perfectly. Give it a try guys!

Whats your playlist?

Monday, December 21

The Next Run

Even before finishing my first race I was already scouting for the next race I wanted to join. So far I have two lined up for next year.

The first is "Takbo Para sa Kolehiyo" which was organized by the Kamanggagawa Foundation. They are giving free college education programs, which include free tuition, free food, free books, and basically everything that the student will ever need through out his college years. Its a pretty good cause and I will be more than happy to help out how ever I can for this one. 

SM Mall of Asia

January 12, 2010

The other one which I'm especially more excited for this the Condura run which will be the first and only race that goes over and up the skyway. Although I won't be reaching that far, I'm still pretty hyped up for this one cause I've been hearing that this is on of THE races that runners always join. This run is also advocating saving the dolphins so P50 pesos from the race fee shall go to help save the Dolphins of Bohol, pretty cool right? And to top it off they also have medals for everyone who finishes! Wuhow, right? who can beat that?

Fort Bonifacio 28th St.
February 7, 2010

The Phil Star Celebrity Fun Run 2009

Talk about being excited.. The night before I couldn't get myself to fall asleep, tossing and turning for about an hour or so. When I finally did get to sleep, I kept waking up every hour to check what time it was and even got up at 3:30 in the morning thinking it was already 4:00. Damn..

I arrived at the Fort at about 5:00 am and was quite scared, actually it was more like VERY scared. You know how they talk about butterflies and feeling like you want to puke, well for the first time in my life I felt that. It's not that I was setting my sights on winning, I guess I just wanted to set the bar high on the time I will get for this race.

Race started at 5:55 am, my warm up was pretty good. I psyched myself up thinking to just run and have fun, I kept telling myself that
 "This will be the run from which we will improve on"
At the start of the race, I felt my adrenaline getting the best of me and was running at too fast of a pace. I then remembered to keep my pace and not wear myself out since this is a 5k distance whatever happens. At first it felt awkward going slower than everybody else, but by the half way point onwards I could see that pacing was the best way to go since by doing I it, I had much more conserved energy and did not need to stop to walk nor to drink any water.

I finished the race at at time of 29:34, not what I initially targeted cause I was seeking for a 25:00-27:00 but its all good. Now I see a lot of room that I can look to improve on.

I know I'm pretty new to the sport and shouldn't really be worried about all these times and what not, but I never really see anything wrong with pushing yourself and being able to reach a goal that you always wanted to achieve, yes? Yes! haha

Till the next run! Now its time to pig out for the Christmas season. Merry Christmas! =)

Monday, December 14

Friday, December 11

Running not allowed

I feel like a little boy who is being punished for doing something bad. Its weakening, depressing, and just flat out annoying. Well, I have been training for the last few four months for my first 5k race and ever since last week I have noticed my performance dropping.

My pace went down from an average of 8:26 per mile to a disheartening 9:02 per mile. My runs started feeling sluggish, heavy, and I didn't feel so happy from doing it anymore. The same thing also happened to my strength training routine when I could barely finish off my reps and my warm ups were becoming a chore themselves.

So, after some research and feedback from the people at, we have come to the conclusion that I have been over training and I have to dial it down a little bit. Well, I guess I've just been feeling quite sad today cause I wasn't able to do my routine run today. It feels different not being able to run when you want to, I know that I want to, but running will just do more harm then good at this point in my training. I just gotta suck it up right now.

Next week.. Im looking forward to coming back to training =)

"Relish the bad training runs. Without them it's difficult to recognize, much less appreciate, the good ones." -Pat Teske

Wednesday, December 9

Your first will never be forgotten

Phil Star Celebrity Run 2009
My first run will be this December 20 at the Fort. It is the Phil Star Celebrity Run, it was first scheduled to be done back September this year but due to the typhoons its set this coming December. I'm quite excited for this race, I have been training for my 5k run for the past 3 months. I'm coming straight of from the newbie arena so this will be a good way to set the tempo for the next coming races. 10 days to go!!!

“Frustration is the first step towards improvement. I have no incentive to improve if I’m content with what I can do and if I’m completely satisfied with my pace, distance and form as a runner. It’s only when I face frustration and use it to fuel my dedication that I feel myself moving forwards" -John Bingham