Wednesday, September 15


Why do you do it? 
Why do you put yourself through such pain? 
A bike ride in the middle of the day, are you CRAZY?
Doesn't it get boring?
Why are you pushing yourself so hard? For what?

I've been asked these questions quite a lot lately and to tell you the truth, I haven't really given it much thought until now. Well, for those who don't really know me, I try and train about six times per week with a rest day during Thursdays. I usually sneak in short mileages through out the weekdays and do my long runs/rides/swims during the weekends.

I've felt that I have dedicated my life into this so much that I can't seem to see myself doing anything but it. It has basically taken over my life (I hope that's a good thing).

Going back to the question, WHY? How can you do this, day in and day out, but still be able to get back the next day and do it all over again? To tell you the truth, I've found the answer through my past.

I was never really an achiever during my early days. To put it quite bluntly, I was one of those kids who you wouldn't want your own sons or daughters hanging around with. Nor was I one of those guys who the professor was clearly fond off. I was an early smoker at the age of 14, around second year high school and was also into a lot of other mischief in relation with that. A year later I got booted out of school and had to move. In my later years, it didn't get any better. I was clearly unprepared for college and basically only took two entrance exams (where in I was drunk in both instances) which I obviously failed.

In a nutshell, I've had a lot of mistakes. I've also had a lot of people give up on me. I know each one of them, I saw how they looked at me with that face, thinking I will never amount to anything. Not one of them even tried to talk to me and lead me properly. Basically they just assumed I would grow up to be that way.

Well today I am not that person, I've believe I have grown as a better man. Not realizing it till now, I think the sport is what has brought me to be that person. The sport has taught me how to be patient, work hard, and to always believe in yourself with the work you do, cause it will pay off.

So, why do I do this?

Well its for that person who takes his first step in changing his life, its for all the people who gave up on me, its for the people who believed in me, its for the ones who push themselves farther to find out who they really are, its for that person who dreams, and its for love of the sport.

If ever I were sent to one of those group therapy sessions, well these guys would be my support group 

Tuesday, September 14

Triple A Cup (Aquathlon) Results

Race Results
Event: Triple A Cup
Date: Sunday, September 12, 2010
Location : The Palms

Triple A Result Category

Triple A Results Overall

Monday, June 28

Taking the next step in this love affair

When I first met her, I didn't even know if we were meant to be. I still gave it a try though. We usually meet every morning at the same place, at the same time. But, as time grew more of a constraint, we would have to make do with spontaneous moments we could find. Still, we made it work. Through thick and thin we were together, and that is what I believe has kept us going. Everyday she pushes me to work harder and I'm thankful for that. I have become a better man because of it.

Marking today, it has been a total of ten months since we've been together and  I believe I am ready. I'm ready to give it to her and take our relationship to the next step. I know this won't be a mistake and I'm ready to take all the sacrifices to make this happen. Oh Runi I'm ready to do it. 

I'm ready to run my first Marathon

But, just like the movies I want it to be special. I want it to be in a scenic route where I can always look back at and say, I ran that! I want memories of experiences through out the run to be embedded in my brain. I want it to be purely magical. 

I'm not in that much of a hurry. But I need to know which marathon I will be joining next year so that I can make preparations. As of now, I'm internally debating between two events. These are Condura 2011 and the The Bull Runner Dream Marathon. If I could I would join both, but I need to set realistic goals. They both have good things to offer and I don't know which one to choose. Here are my thoughts on each one:

Condura 2011
  • its the skyway! Come on!! Need I say more? 
  • the event is to die for, my first 10k was here and they had the best pre-race opening ever
  • the organizer Mr. Concepcion aka Running Shield is a runner himself, so I'm pretty sure most of the things runners have problems with are covered
  • again, its the SKYWAY!!!!
The Bull Runner Dream Marathon
  • I heard the dreamers here were pampered, really pampered!
  • I saw that they had great support and also there were seminars on attacking your first marathon
  • My turn off for this one is the route, it isn't as great
I actually don't have the full details on each one but I would really love to get your ideas and feedbacks on which would be the best event to have your first marathon in.

Please vote using the polls that I have attached or if you have other suggestions of better races, please do feel free to leave your comments. Thanks! =)
Disclaimer: Runi is a non-realistic, fictional character and I am not dating anyone. So yes girls, please do leave your cell-numbers at the comment box bellow. Thank you. =)

Monday, June 21

Down and Dirty at the New Balance Trail Run

I remember celebrating Valentine's day here at Nuvali earlier this year, and here I was back again on Father's day running the trails once more. 

This would be my second time doing a trail run and I have never been more excited. The idea of running through a forest of trees, methodically maneuvering through slippery rocks, and of course running through a river is my kind of FUN.

Coming into the race, I was very eager to get it started. I think I was excited being back with nature again. It's very different running the trails. The pavement is softer, the air is cleaner, the environment cooler, it kinda makes me think why we don't run here more often? 

While warming up I noticed a few personalities in the crowd. One of them was the "afro man" himself (although I think he's been trimming it lately, not as poofy as it used to be) coach Rio, there were also a few kenyans who go into it (kenyans on trail runs too?? Wuhow!) and of course the ANR Alabang peeps. 

As the race started, we were shocked cause all of us were facing north when the race route was actually to the south! It was the funniest thing ever since people started running one way and we were in awe that it was starting already.

The route we had was a very enjoyable one to say the least. It was filled with dirt tracks, steep descents, river crossings, and grass lands. If trail was what you wanted, trail is what you get! I even slipped on the descent to the river, but none the less I made sure I slipped in the "coolest" way possible. "Para astig parin, diba?" lol

Overall I would say that the experience of this race was a big 5/5. But in terms of event management I felt that a few other things should have been taken cared of:

  • colder post race refreshments
  • at least one more water station (they only had 2 all through out the 15km route)
  • lack of ample size of finisher shirts
But hey why let that ruin your day right? I was still all good vibes after the race cause the endorphins kept kicking my brain cells into overdrive. So thanks again to New Balance and Nuvali for providing us with such a great event!

Oh and here's a shout to all the gaurds and race marshals through out the trail, the nicest people I have ever met! Almost everyone of them greets you a gooooood morning!!

Wednesday, June 16

A breath of inspiration, the Animo Sprint Triathlon

My eyes blew open as we entered the De La Salle Santiago Zobel swimming area last Sunday. Maybe it was just me, but I never saw a pool this wide and big, added to the fact that there were a lot of tri-athletes doing warm ups, my heart just blew open with excitement (which eventually led me to forget I was hungry).

I was here in the event with my brother and a couple of friends from ANR Alabang to act as support for sir John. We even had a banner for him and all!

As the race started I couldn't help but watch the athletes like a preying vulture, looking and dissecting each movement in search for techniques they had in their arsenal. The first part was the swimming leg. I enjoyed this portion the most, not only because this is the discipline I'm working on now; but since this is the only part of the race you can see from start to finish.

There was one athlete that day at the 40 and above age group who's swimming speed amazed me! From the start of the whistle you see him zoom past his competition. At the end of lane 1 he must have already opened up about a 25 meter gap and it just kept growing from there. Man was he fast! I didn't get his time but when he finished, I ran out with him to the transition area where he was getting ready to get on his bike. I was so glued on to him I felt like a stalker. lol
Over at the transition area, it was a heavenly sight. So many tri-bikes, road bikes, and a few mountain bikes shinning (at least in my eyes) under the sun. Oh the beauty, haaay.. 

I even saw my dream bike that day!

It's the Argon E-114. 
(I hear angel's singing every time I see it)


Back on planet earth, the race was still going on and the bikers started the second leg of the race. We couldn't watch this part of the race so we hung around the finish line instead and snacked on the free hot dogs! (I'm sorry, I forgot the name of the company that sponsored them)

After a couple of hot dogs, well actually 5 hot dogs, the bikers started pouring in. And it was at this time that I learned the best way to stop a tri-athlete on his tracks. Here's the secret, you stand in front of him, bend your legs a little bit, raise up your arms in front of him and say:



I promise you, it works every time! lol 

After dismounting, it was the last leg. RUN RUN RUN RUN!! Although I didn't really get to watch this part anymore cause my body finally realized that it needed to sleep. I was already looming into the dark side of my head and finally I was on auto-pilot. In my last fight to stay up, I realized that sir John was coming and spirits finally came back up. We were on full cheer mode as he made his way to the finish line.

Overall I really enjoyed this triathlon event. It opened my eyes to the things that need to be done to achieve feats like what these people did that day. 

Some people call runners crazy for running such long distances, what are tri-athletes then? Lunatics? Well, if being a lunatic is what it takes, then lets get started! 

*A special thanks goes out to Ms. Nao and Ms. Samantha for the photos from the event =)

Monday, June 7

A Newbie helping out the Newbie

Questions, I think these are one of the things that we newbies have in common to the sport. Just like a four year old child, we are grasping all the concepts and ideas that running has to offer. Ideas that question everything ranging from shoes, running form, nutrition, and what not. I have been running for about 10 months and right about now, I would like to share some of my experiences so that they can be able to help out those who are just starting to get into the sport.

How do I start running?
You get out of your house and run! DOI! haha Kidding aside. The first step I believe is setting your mind right. Running is a very enjoyable sport, but I believe you should look to the future even before starting. A lot of people get caught up in what they call "Ningas Kugon" and this is what stops a jogger from becoming a runner. Running can be somewhat of a time and physically demanding sport, so you need something to hold on to while your out there. Imagine doing this three times a week every morning or after work, it can get pretty hard out there. So you need to have a deeper reason for this, cause if you will be running with no goals, it would be hard to see where you are going. 

Have a goal in mind, take a look at what you want to seek out. A few possible goals could be:
  • Run your first 5k race
  • Lose Weight
  • Quit Smoking
  • Do the Marathon in the future
  • Total Lifestyle Change
  • Look better than your EX haha
What ever your reason may be, make sure it is something you want to do. Your the one making the choice to run anyways so its best to find your own reason for all this.

Now its time to run!!!

Depending on your fitness level, you first have to create a base for running. When I started running, the idea of continously running for 15-20 minutes sounded like an eternity in which I would already be crawling by the end of it. What I suggest is getting down to the basics with walk/run intervals. It isn't as glamorous as the other runners in the track, but don't worry cause they too most likely started this way. 

Bellow I have put up a link on two different programs that are popularly used when starting out with your training.

The Couch-to-5K Running Plan                        Training for your first 5-K

If you want to start with something lighter, here is the most basic program I could find. I took it off Workouts should be done, three times a week.
Stage One

Takes you from ground zero to running 45 minutes using a one minute walk, 10 minute run program. 
WeekWalk MinutesRun MinutesRepetitionsTotal Minutes

Stage Two

Gradually weans you off walk breaks so you can comfortably run 60 minutes without stopping. 
WeekWalk MinutesRun MinutesRepetitionsTotal Minutes
7walk 1, run 40, walk 1, run 18 (total=60 minutes)
8walk 1, run 45, walk 1, run 13 (total=60 minutes)
9walk 1, run 50, walk 1, run 8 (total=60 minutes)
10run 60 minutes continuously!

What sort of gear do I need in running?
It's a little confusing and honestly quite tempting (especially if you've been bitten by the running bug) to go out and get all these different running gear being sold in the market today.

There is a wide range of choices like singlets, shorts, skins, caps, heart rate monitors, gps tracking watches, energy belts, shades, etc. WOW!! Ease up on there. Here is my general rule, if you can run without it and it doesn't affect your training efficiency in any way, think twice before buying it. 

Although, there is one gear you MUST get before running, these would be running shoes. I highly recommend on investing on running shoes before you start the sport. For one it will help motivate you to keep running, but the more important benefit here is how much more you will be able to enjoy and stay injury free through out the sport. Running can take its tole on your muscles and especially your knees. Having proper shoes for the sport can help lessen the chances of injury.

What sort of running shoes do I need?
Typically speaking there are three types of shoes. These are trail running shoes, your "normal" running shoe, and racing flats.

For simplicity sake I will focus on the "normal" running shoe in this entry. There are three sub types of shoes which are neutral, cushioning, and stability shoes. Which one you will be using will highly depend on what type of pronator you are. 

While we run, our feet land differently from each other and that causes us to have varying "needs" when it comes to running.

Neutral = Neutral Shoes

Overpronator = Motion Control or Stability Shoes

Underpronator = Cushioning Shoes

To find out which type you are, you will need to get your gait checked. There are two stores in the metro that can do that for you. These are RUNR and Second Wind. Here they well let you run on their treadmill, then a video analysis will help check the angle of your landing and from there they can easily advice you on what type of runner you are.

After knowing your gait, you can now browse that certain type of shoe and then buy your first pair of running shoes. YAY!!!!

What is the proper running form?
Now in this issue there is a lot of debate going on from Chi Running, Barefoot Running, and what not. So there is basically a mix of different running techniques right about now. Here though is a video that I found, which has the basics of each running style and which I believe is at least the fundamentals of running forms.

What should I be eating before my runs?
Most people, especially those who want to lose weight think that not eating before your run is the fastest way to lose that gut. That is actually a false myth which will leave you with adverse effects more than anything. Eating before any workout is a must (especially in the morning) since you will be expending energy. How can you finish your workouts if you have no energy to use? Pretty much makes sense right?

Next question is, what should we eat? Well after watching the seminar "The Science of Traithlon" I learned two things. 

1. We should be eating 200-300 calories two hours before working out. The food should generally be low in fiber since the fiber leads to that pain in our stomach while we exercise. In the last hour before our workout, it should only be water.

2. We should be eating high-glycemic food about 10 minutes before working out. Generally this would be "sugary" things so that it will help send a spike through out our body and give us an energy boost. 

What should I do if something begins to hurt in my body?
When something hurts, generally that means that a certain muscle is being overworked or it could be due to improper form. The medication I usually do for this is ice, stretch, and rest. What I like to do is visit the Runner's Body over at Runner's World and I try to find out what muscle hurts. From there I research on how to stretch and strengthen that certain muscle.

What sort of warm up should I do and what stretches?
I preach the warm up before stretching routine. I like to do dynamic stretches before a workout. Examples of these are doing lunges, squats, arm circles, push ups, or what not. These are all done with no weights. Why is that? Well, I remember reading how static stretching is used to relax our muscles and help it loosen its stiffness. It's kinda like the "off" button somehow in terms of our muscle. Doing the dynamics stretches on the other hand gets it ready to do more. The dynamic stretch is somehow the prequel to the main workout. So in short I do dynamic stretches at the start of the workout and static stretches at the end.

I hope I covered most of the questions you would have had. I am not saying that these are the right and only way of doing things but, this is what has worked for me and I hope they could help you too.

Monday, May 31

Setting New Limits (21k Nature Valley Run)

The half marathon. 
I finally did it. 

It hasn't dawned upon me -until now while I type this blog- that I have finally ran this race distance. I'm half way to my dream marathon. Wow. (That just made me smile there lol)

Event: Nature Valley Run (RunRio Trilogy Leg 2)
Date: May 30, 2010
Location: The Fort, Taguig
Time: 4:30 AM

Laid back was how I felt that morning as I began lining up with the 21k participants. The whole week I've been trying to get pumped for the race but nothing really seemed to spark. Probably it never sunk in that I was running the distance. 

There were more than the usual number of 21k runners that day, this was very nice since it just shows how much the sport has been growing stronger and how its participants are continually improving in their discipline. 

The race route that day is as follows:

The start of the race went very well for me. I was averaging about 5:07/km for the first 9km and my spirit towards the race was very high. But once we got back to the Buendia overpass, my body and mind started to have worlds of their own. I was struggling to keep my pace so I had to make do with hitting at least 6:00/km to have a fighting pace. This went on quite well for the next few kms until I came to McKinley Hills which spanned through Lawton till Bayani Road.

Up till now I still don't know how I managed to go through that crazy route. The roads were as hilly as they can be and I struggled all through out it. The course reaching to the turn around point felt like forever. I managed to keep running, but I had to stop for walking breaks to catch my breath. By the time I got to the turn around mark, I felt a feeling of accomplishment sweep through my body, but I knew this was far from over. 


It's a pretty basic equation isn't it?

So basically I just went through that hell in Mckinley Hills one more time on my way back. This time around though I was exhausted. I was finito, done, all my strength was gone. I was taking walking breaks every 2 minutes and my running pace was shall we call it "KALAT!". Three times I just stood there, bent knees gasping for air, thinking if I could finish still finish this race.  Certain questions boggled my mind:

Am I meant for this running thing?

Should I just sit down now and give up?

I can't even do this properly, how can I ever be a triathlete.

This was the hardest I have ever gone in a race and I've never felt as exhausted as I did. But what kept me going was the strength of finishing what I have started. I have failed and given up in a lot of different things, and having big accomplishments isn't really one of my strong points. But, I told myself: "Not this. I will NOT GIVE UP on this. I won't fail this time."

As lanky and feeble as I looked in those last 4kms, I gave it my all. I would still need to run/walk through it all but I struggled on to keep pushing. In the last 800m I was again spent, but a voice shouted out from the sideline "Elmer! Malapit na!!". It was Jai, from our Alabang Adination Running Club. Man, did that give me a boost! I pushed and ran as fast as I physically can in those last few meters, my lungs were burning, muscles stiffening, and that idea of stopping again just felt so good, but no I will run I said! Just a few more meters, and WOW!  I made it. 

Those were the words that I kept hearing in my mind. I made it. I didn't care if there was a medal, I didn't care about my time, all that matters was that I made it.  

Although I did care about the Hagendaz! haha

Finishing a race was never so sweet! A free pint of Hagendaz was given to the 21k finishers, man was it good!

My offical finish time was 2hr 16min 16sec

My next goal is to run the half-marathon again, but this time at better and stronger pace than ever. Next stop, Camsur!!

"Running is a big question mark that's there each and every day. It asks you, 'Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?'"- Peter Maher, Irish-Canadian Olympian and Sub-2:12 marathoner

Sunday, May 2

2 Races, 1 weekend.. A Life Lesson

It was back to back races this weekend for me. The first was a 5km run for "Takbo para kay Kristo" and a 16km run for "RUNew" I will do away with the usual race analysis and instead I'll focus on how these runs have helped me learn new lessons and grow stronger as a runner and as a person.

This was something I have never felt with any other sport, until I found running. I have never seen myself want to push harder so that I can always come up on top as better. This is where I learned that hard work does pay off.

I would say that I have never been anymore disciplined in a certain area of my life until running came around. From waking up at 5am to get ready for a run, to having to squeeze in an afternoon strength workout before dinner, I am ready to do it all now.

Running is so much of a learning process that sometimes it catches you by surprise. At one point you may feel like your on top of the world being able to conquer 15km runs while on other days a 5k run will feel like HELL. Running has taught me that you just gotta keep going at it, again and again. Give up now and you'll give up forever.

Aspirations are what keep us on track. These are long term goals that we strive to reach. Running has made me start dreaming again, it has made me believe that anything can be possible and you can achieve anything as long as you start now. My dream? Run the Boston Marathon.

 Here are pictures from the events during the weekend:

Thursday, April 22

Running faster, longer, and smarter

40hours 43min 25seconds

That is how much time I have spent on running, to date. Over that span of time I have covered exactly 393.25km, which is about Manila to Vigan.

At this point, I am faced with the strong urge to improve. If I will keep on running, I know that I need to run smarter.

What do I mean when I say run smarter? Well,  I need to learn the proper form. Ever since I started running I have always been reading articles regarding proper form. Some say to land on your mid-foot, lean forward, do a higher stride rate, etc. But, who am I to say oh this is right or that is right? It all just confused me. So back then I just let it be.

Now though things need improvement. I have noticed that I have not been able to run any faster nor last longer on long runs. I know I have put in the training, but somehow things don't mesh together. So, I set on a small adventure to find the reasons behind my impediment.

My first step was to look for a running clinic and lucky enough I found one and was able to attend it.

(clink link to visit site) 

This was a free running clinic being given by Coach Frank from Bacolod. It was a very informative clinic to say the least. We started off with a warm up where in he looked at each of our running forms and distinguished which movements were in-efficient. He then shifted to explaining how certain body parts are suppose to be moving. One example is the arm swing, which he said has to be 90 degrees and must not cross your center of gravity.

One of the most important tips I feel that he gave was regarding stride rate. He mentioned that in one minute we should have a stride rate of 90 per leg, which all in all is around 180 strides. This was very important since it helped me in not over striding (which leads to heel strike), lessened impact on my legs, and actually made me faster.
Here is a tip: I was able to do the 180 strides per minute by listening to a metronome that ran on 180bpm and followed it. I've uploaded it for you guys, just download it and upload it to your Ipod then take it for a run. It goes 1-2-3-4 right-left-right-left.

Here is the data that I got from my Nike plus after doing a 5km run
Those certain key points you see on top is not my time per km. This was my average pace per km.

At first the techniques given by coach Frank felt very awkward. The mid foot - fore foot running felt like I was "tiptoeing". Also, my calves felt like HELL after wards. But overall, these are the only complaints I have. He said though that it takes time to adjust, he explained that we are changing the way we run and it does not happen overnight.

 On the other hand the improvements that I have seen far outweighs everything.

1. Speed seemed to come naturally. The last time I would run at a pace of 4:23/km I was huffing and puffing and my lungs felt like they were going to explode. This time around I didn't even feel a thing, no joke. I was actually stunned seeing my pace after the 5km run cause I actually thought I was going quite slow.

2. Cardio feels lighter. Along with the speed, I actually feel like I have more energy throughout the run. It feels like not much of my energy is expended in my runs. Feels very nice.

Overall I highly recommend Coach Frank's clinics. I myself am already considering on getting some personal training from him, to be able to help me reach my goal of qualifying for Boston one day. I believe that not only will he be able to improve my running but also help me reach my full potential. It's only now that I really see and feel the importance of having a coach. Thanks coach Frank!

So now, that's that. I've got my answers and its time to run!

Sunday, April 11

15km Mizuno Infinity Run - Winning a Race Against Myself

Races and even running is always said to be a fight against yourself. You are not running against other runners, not your friends, nor your family, but your running against the man in the mirror.

This was the main idea behind the race presented by Mizuno Infinity Run "beat your time". It was an annual event and runners were challenged to beat their old time from the past year and showcase how much better they have become.

This event not only tests the physical capacity of a runner, but also his mental discipline. The mental aspect of running for me is the harder discipline to overcome because self-doubt always gets the best of me. I'm a firm believer that the mind controls everything, so if the mind is willing then the body will follow. Although, I may have the words down, but I still need more experience and practice to live this saying.

On to the race.

Gun start for the 15km race changed from 6:00am to 5:30 am. I honestly did not know there was a change til last night when a good soul posted it on facebook. If it were not for him I would have been late for the race. I think that the organizers should have found a better way to inform runners that there was a change in time. It wasn't even posted on the Mizuno website or anything, tsk tsk..

The race route for this run started at "The Fort" and made its way through Makati and all the way past SLEX. Then the turn around is in the middle of Buendia Ave in Manila. The route was fairly easier compared to the 15km route in Globe since this was mostly flat.
My goal for this run was to beat my old time of 1hr 26min 32sec
As the race started, I ran my heart out for the first 1km and finally paced myself after. I sometimes ask myself if there is some sort of strategy to this running thing. Do I pace for the first few km and then run my heart out? What is it? Well, I actually had no idea. My only rule was, keep on running! =)

-later though my therapist told me about doing tempo in the first 10km and then doing intervals to finish it off, *bwaaahahahaha!* im excited to try that next time-

Too bad I didn't know about it earlier cause I could have used this for the hell I just went through in this race.

The first 7km were no good. No good at all. I was huffing and puffing through the route. I was barely in that "zone" you get when you run. Everything was heavy and my feet were acting up with some sort of "hot" pain.

After this I felt it again. That need to walk. I couldn't help but sneak in a few 10-15 second walk breaks to ease the pain and let my lungs take a deeper breath. Thankfully they helped better this time and I was able to easily come back to my pace and keep running.

Everything was going fine until I hit 14km into the race. So near but yet so far right? Well, it doesn't get anymore ironic than that. I suddenly felt pain on the side of my stomach which made it hard to breath. I wanted to keep running but the pain kept pulling me back. At this point I put one arm to squeeze it while I kept on going. I managed to ease the pain for about a few meters but the pain kept coming back.

I was barely 500 meters from the finish line. At this point I prayed, I asked God to help me. And well believe it or not in that instant the pain left me. Not only that I felt lighter and I was able to pick my pace back up. On my way to the finish line, I must have passed 10 runners in that short distance. It was one miracle which came in the perfect time.

I finished the race in 1hr 19min 16sec

So am I happy? Hell yeah I'm happy! But not contented. I still know I can do better. I know there is still a lot of room to improve on and I will work even harder to get those improvements ready for the next 15km race. Til next time, later!

Pictures from the Mizuno Infinity Run 2010 can be viewed here:

Wednesday, March 31

Botak Paabilisan 2010 at Baguio

Botak is a sports shop in Quezon City which makes jersey's, shorts, and other sporting apparel.

Every year they hold an event called the "Botak Paa-bilisan Road Race Series" in Baguio. This year I was one of the lucky ones to be joining the race.

This is a pretty special race because it will be the first race that I will be doing out of town. I always thought my first out of town race would be somewhere in Tagaytay or Batangas. Oh well, this is way out of town and that's whats makes it more special.

We were a whole bunch that day. My cousins came along for the run and I'm very happy that they too have really been getting into running. Ever since I started, it was quite lonely. I did my first race alone, but then as it progressed more and more, people came with me to run. Maybe next time there we will be even more of us!

I was doing the 10k race in this event. Honestly, I was scared. Very scared. One week prior to this, I ran the 15k Globe Run for Home, and in this run I realized that hills are my biggest challenge. I gave out on the hills at Fort and the flyover at Buendia, it was too much for me. Now I am in Baguio, which is obviously notorious for having HILLS HILLS HILLS!!

Race started at 6:30 a.m. and it was freezing!! It took a while to get warmed up, but eventually I was ready to run!

As my brother and I started to line up, we noticed that there actually weren't a lot of runners. I would estimate the participants to be only around 80 maybe. To tell you the truth this actually felt good, for the first time the starting line wasn't all squishy and tight.

As the race started, I quietly paced myself at the back. Most of the runners passed me and I thought nothing of it. The hills were my enemy here and not them.

The race route was about 85% hills. The first few hills were challenging, but as you go on, you actually get used to them. I remember how I would dread the sight of the hills last week, but that day my mind just kept saying "bring it on!".

The view of the race route was majestic. It was trees all around you, the cool air, and the sight of runners making their way through the roads. This race was one for the books.

I finished with a time of

56min 16sec

I was very happy with the result of this race. A sub 60 was my goal here and I did it! I also feel that I have finally conquered the hills. I promise though, when I get back to training I'm going to integrate hill runs into my weekly routine.

After the race we had a few more photo shoots as usual haha

What better way to end a race then to eat back all the calories you just burned!

These steaks were the best 250 pesos ever spent.

Botak Paabilisan Experience: 4/5

Other pictures for the event can be found here:

Thursday, March 25

Globe Run for Home 2010 Pictures

I have a few photos of some runners from the event. Maybe on of them is you! Here is the link:

Sunday, March 21

Globe Run for Home 15km

The Globe Run for Home was my first 15km race. I have been training for it for the last few months since it was a pit stop on my way to the first 21km race which I will be doing on May 30.

We were there early at 4 a.m. since we didn't want parking to be an issue for us. I was running this race with my brother Rex and my sister in law Pam.

My plan for this race was simple. Just RUN IT! I've recently come off an injury and have just been cleared to run. My therapist though told me to take it easy on this one, so I did.

The 15km race started at exactly 5:30 A.M. Honestly I was barely even pumped to do the run. I was still yawning and I didn't feel that fire I usually have, especially on a race. Oh well, here we go!

The run started out quite alright. I started in the middle pack so that I wouldn't be tempted to run fast. The route started at Ayala Ave and made its way towards The Fort. The first 5km went by fine. There wasn't any pain, my pacing was good, and my endurance felt sky high.

Once we reached Fort it became HELL for me. Fort is a very hilly place, especially the route we had onto the cemetery. If I would have one weakness, hills would be it. I barely get to train on them so once I see them on the race it just gives a total shock to my body.

Right up til 10km my body was able to push through. But after that, it went all haywire on me. I felt like a big weight was put on me. My legs were heavy, my shoulders were shrugging, and I couldn't stop looking at my watch to see how much further.

It was as if, my body had given up. It didn't want to run anymore, it was telling me stop but I told him we gotta do this and we gotta do this now. I kept pushing as far as I could, but the finish line doesn't seem to get any closer.

Finally, at 11km I gave out. I had to walk. Arrrr.... Crap I can't believe that happen, but it did.
"Ok, I have this one rule, and its
I always had this rule ever since my first race. I just never wanted to. It feels weird and it feels like that just means you shouldn't be running that mileage if you can't handle it. Well that's just me.

Going back, after about 10 seconds I started running again and was able to do another km before I had to stop and walk again for another few seconds. It was really weird, it seemed my body was doing everything to make me stop running. It even gave me cramps on my jaw! I couldn't open my mouth for a while cause when ever I do, it cramps up.

I finished with a time of 1hr 26min 32sec

This actually isn't that bad a time, and well this was my first 15km. I just knew though I could have done better. After pondering for a while, I've actually come up with the conclusion that the reasons why all this happen to me today was because I was very unprepared days before the race.
- I didn't "carbo load" even just a little for the past 3 days. Yesterday I didn't eat for 6 hours straight, there is barely any thing left in me
- No proper mileage run this week due to my injury
- Inadequate sleep

Honestly, at first I actually felt bad cause not walking was something that I felt defined me. That was my "forever goal" in any race, and well now I failed.

Now though I realized this is a learning process, running is a very long journey and I have yet to even chip the tip of iceberg. Both success and failure will come, what defines us is how we respond to these things.

Now I have a new goal! "never walk, AGAIN" =)

Globe Run for Home Experience: 4/5

Thursday, March 11

My Doctor says Hi! I say, Good Bye!

It's always a pleasure and a pain to visit my physical therapist. For one, I love chatting with him for hours about running cause he too is a runner. But each time we see each other, in most instances I'm injured; and this was one of those instances.

I have two injuries, one was that I was feeling pain in my tibialis anterior tendon when ever I was walking

the other was on my soleus when I bended a certain way

It all pretty much started when I tried correcting my form. At first I thought it was just one of those aches when your muscles are trying to adjust to something new. But, it went on for about a week so right after the Unilab Race I told myself this might be something serious.

So once I got it diagnosed my doctor indicated that it was getting overused and I need to dial it down a little. In an instant I asked "So, no Running??" He said "Well kinda of, you can run in the pool if you want to"

Arrr.. No choice I guess. So right after diagnosing, we went down to business.

We started off by heating the injured parts for about 20 minutes

After we went on to do ultra sound which heats up the muscles inside.

Then lastly we moved on to some exercises which honestly boggled my mind. At first I thought it was a joke, but I think back now and they really work!!

Here is a video of the exercise I had to do for my left foot, I had to draw the ABC with that foot haha

Before the doctor discharged me he mentioned that I first get clearance with him before running my next race which is the 15k for Globe. As of now though, the pain has already subsided or maybe its the pain killers he gave me? haha Well either way I think one more therapy session should do the trick =)