Wednesday, February 24

Whats the plan Stan?

Before the end of this month it will officially be 5 months since I made the decision to start running. I can still remember back in September 2009, I started at the weight of 165 pounds... Ooof! Such a big big boy haha Here is a small preview of the before and after..

I recently finished my second 10k race and I've began to contemplate on what is next for me. My goal since I started running was only to finish the 5k race without walking. 

After that things kinda just happen. I started running more, increasing mileage and next thing I know, a month later I did my first 10k race. So as of right now I want to plot it somehow and have a short term , a long term and a "dream goal". 

Lately, I've been toying around the idea of doing the marathon next year. I'm particularly eying the Condura Marathon 2011. I know I have a lot of mileage to do for this but I think God willingly that I can make it by that time. My only goal for the marathon, heck my only goal for any race is that I will be able to run it all throughout. I never liked the idea of walking in a race, its just not right for me.

I have decided that I will use races to help motivate me to get the mileage. They will be my check points through out the year. Thanks to the list at I have chosen specific races to get me ready for the 42k next year. Here is my list:
  • Globe Run for Home - 15k - March 21, 2010
  • Mizuno Infinity Run - 15k  - April 11, 2010
  • Run Rio Trilogy Leg 2 - 21k - May 30, 2010
  • Camsur Marathon - 21k - September 26, 2010
  • Run Rio Trilogy Leg 3 - 32k -Nov 21, 2010
So far these will be the races that I should be ready for. Most likely I will still be joining other races in the middle of all this, but these are the majors ones that I am going to be putting on top of my list. 

If all goes well, I think I'm going to be ready by then to do the 42k on February 6, 2011. Yes it's already on my calendar! haha

As for my "dream goal" well I came up with it right after watching the movie "Spirit of the Marathon". All of you guys who watched it know what I'm going to say next don't you? 
Well here goes, my "dream goal" is to 
run the Boston Marathon one day. 

The way I want to get in is by being able to qualify for it. I really don't know if I can make it, who knows maybe I never will. But, lately I keep it in my mind and in my heart. I use it to fuel me stronger when I train and I keep it up there as something I want to achieve for myself. If I ever do, that will be my mecca of running. 
My journey starts now.
"Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible." -Doug Larson 

Monday, February 22

10k Century Tuna Superbods Run


That was the first reaction I instantly got when I arrived at Bonifacio High Street that morning. It was the coolest and most sophisticated starting line I had ever seen. I felt like Optimus Prime had transformed into it.

I stared with my usual pre-race ritual which was a warm up run going away from the race site and breathing in the atmosphere that I was about to submerege myself into. By doing this, I always feel that I take away the pre-race jitters and get more relaxed.

On to the race! My distance for this one was 10km and I was looking to do my run and do it as I always do. If I break my PR then yay and if not, its all good. It was a no pressure run for me.

We were sent off at about 5:35am and it was game on! The race route pretty much went around the fort, there were a lot of turns which honestly made me a little confused cause you don't know your suppose to turn until your there. Add this to the fact that there were some parts thats were not well lit, so your pretty much running blind.

Through the run, I was actually shocked cause I caught up with the 21k runners and that actually complicated a few things for me. Since it was dark, I was basing my turns and what not on the person in front of me which I expected to be 10k runners. But lo and behold, now it gets confusing cause I was mixed with 21k runners and of course we don't have the same route.

Thankfully though, I came out of it alright and I was on my way back to the finish line. At that point I was thinking that everything was going to be alright. But it was very far from it. I was about 1km away from the finish line and then I got mixed up with the 3k runners and some 5k runners. ARRRRR....

This was not just a few runners, this was the late pack of runners so it was a sea of runners again that I had to dodge through. It was honestly quite stressful, added to this was that I was guessing my way back to the finish line. I actually had to start looking for other 10k runners and ask them where is the way back..

On the final stretch to the finish line there were actually a few people who stop way before the line and take pictures. Forgive me for the profanity now but F* YOU! Damn it! There are other runners behind you!! That's the final lane to the finish line, so you DO NOT STOP right there. I actually had to run from side to side, jump over this mini baricade just so that I don't wont need to stop.. arrrr....

Wusaaaaaaaaa...... WOOOOOOOOOOOSaaaaaaa....

I finished the race with a time of 49:43.Yes, this was a new PR for me but in my head I knew I could have done better if things were a little more organized. But none the less I am very happy with what I have.

Well, I'm not going to go on anymore rambling about this and that. All I can say is, it could have been better. It was a pretty big race holding about 12,000 runners and probably it was bit overwhelming for the organizers.

I've also read the apology that coach Rio already posted and I'm quite confident that on the second leg of the run rio trilogy things will turn out way much more better.

On an added not, the updated results of the 10k run came out, and I finally found name. I'm a little confused and shocked honestly, really? hmmm... I duno, I smell something fishy here.. I'm still sticking to my watch time of 49:43. That time up there maybe true, it also may not. But I honestly believe I don't deserve that, its just WHAT!? Can someone help me confirm this? It would be of great help, thanks =)

Monday, February 15

Valentines at Nuvali

It was a nature trail. The sweet breeze of the air, the lovely tall trees all around you, and the beautiful sound of the river flowing down the stream. Oh what a place to take a nice stroll down with your special someone.. Awwwww...

This was the setting for the North Face Thrill of the Trail Run at Nuvali last Sunday. They had two different distances for the race. They had a 11km and 22km run and it was divided into two, one for singles and one for couples.

I joined the 11km singles run, maybe next year I can do couples? *wink wink hahaha Moving on, this was my first trail run and I honestly did not know what to expect out of it. I have been looking at pictures of the trail prior to the race, but then I don't think the pictures really did justice to what I was to face that day.

Gun start was at 5:45 am and we were there as early as 5:00 am. My goal for this race was just to make it to  the top 100 cause they get free finisher shirts! Wuhoooo!!

As the countdown started, I was pumping myself up to get ready to run the unknown. And in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 we were off!

(Please be informed if you are bellow 18, please stop reading now cause the entry bellow will be filled with so much profanity that my momma will smack me from here to Antarctica)

The start of the run was on the road and I easily whisked through the crowd. At about 400m later it was the start of the trail and my friends let me say this out loud now "SHHHHHIIIIIITTTT!!!!!"

Thing is, I have NEVER ran a trail and for one those rocks are "BITCHES!" They feel weird under your foot, its like their trying to annoy you or something.

The picture here to your right is the first "dirt road" we ran and this was barely anything compared to what was to follow.

After the dirt road, the trail started to turn grassy and the surface became uneven. This is where HELL started for me.

The uneven surface forced me to look down since I had to know at which parts I'm going to be running in. Aside from this, there were ditches that you had to jump over, it was way too overwhelming for me at the start of the race and I was honestly getting a little dis-heartened to keep running at this point. But, I knew this was a challenge and I should never back down.

I then closed my eyes and prayed to God who always gives me strength to push further than I think I can. I asked him to help me push through as he always does so that I can glorify him with the gift that he has given me.

Going through the trail we moved our way down and to a small river side. It was pretty small but it was filled with rocks, both enormous and dinky. The challenge at this part was navigating your way through the rocks and the water to find the best possible path.

The surface here was extremely wet & soft. It was sandy on some parts, so at times you sink with out noticing it. The rocks were a scary sight too cause you would have to jump on them & pray that you don't slip.

Past the river we made our way back up the mountain. (It was easier said than done, imagine running up a mountain. Yes that is exactly what we did. EXACTLY OK!)

The trail at that part was the grassy type and at that point of the race, that kind of trail was my best friend. It was about another 6km of that surface til we made it back on the road towards the finish line.

I finished at a time of 1hr 9min 38sec

It was a love-hate relationship that day. I really love nature, but having it mixed with running is just not my thing. I have great respect to the people who do this. This was INTENSE!

There is another upcoming trail run in a few months and it will be in Baguio if I'm not mistaken. So if you will ask me if I will do it again. The answer will be a big HELL NO! haha Maybe next year, but as of now I would rather stick to the road.

Oh and yeah, if you were wondering did I make it to the first 100?

I sure did! I came in at 21st place! WUHOOOOO!!!! Quite ironic isn't it? Oh well... I got the free shirt and that's all I was gunning for. =)

My shoes after the trail run. I cant believe I was contemplating on wearing my Nike Lunar for this. I would be crying right this moment if I did.

Wednesday, February 10

The Simple Life

I have always though about how people from the olden times like the stone age, medieval, roman times, etc. always looks so ripped and buffed. I mean think about it, about 90% of them were all very healthy, lean, and quite strong. Pictures and paintings always represented them this way.

But, comparing  today and before, we have all these things like exercise machines, dumbbells, protein shakes, gatorade, diet pills, and what not, yet still we have a much harder time keeping ourselves in shape. They who had a little or even none of these things were in the greatest shape of their lives. Why is that?

Well probably because, today we aren't NATURAL anymore. Most of the things that we eat or do are all somehow "pre-made". Just take a look around us, when was the last time we ate natural good old cooked food? Almost all the things around us are made in factories just like our canned food, dairy products, and canned vegetables which are all bombarded with preservatives.

Even in terms of exercise, there are a lot of things that we make our bodies do that it wasn't really made for. Although, with running I've always felt a connection with it. I've always felt that this was something that we should really be doing. I mean think about it, what comes more natural than any other sport than running? Compare it to sports like soccer, weightlifting, badminton, etc. they are all somehow rooted from running.

This is why I love running, cause its real and it is what it is. Running is... Running, no more, no less =)

Condura Run 2010 Pictures

I have about 200+ pictures of runners during the Condura Race last Sunday, feel free to browse them maybe you will find a picture of yourself =) Just click the link bellow

Most of these are 10k Runners

Monday, February 8

10k Condura Race aka Debut of the Sexy Running Shorts

In describing the Condura Race 2010, this is all I can say:
I haven't attended a lot of races, heck I've only done three so far. But, if I were to have my standards set, this would be the race that sets the bar. Everything wasn't perfect, but everything that really mattered was. The race kit pick up, race day, water stations, etc. were all thought off and carefully planed, and they were executed beautifully.

Let's look at why it was such a memorable run for me, shall we?

The night before race day I went to bed at about 7:30pm, but I was tossing and turning for 2 hours till I finally fell asleep. I am guessing the excitement really got to me. I  then woke up at about 3:00am, got my things ready and finally made my way to Fort Bonifacio
The start of the race was at 28th street, so we rushed there as soon as we parked our car. Upon reaching the starting line, we saw that the 21k runners were about to start so I went straight ahead and warmed up. A few minutes later it was the 10k's turn to start and I finally made my way to the starting line where I situated myself at the middle of the pack.

While waiting for the race to start, the organizers had something special for the racers. At about two minutes before gun start they had fireworks shooting up into the sky while some dancers were dancing to the song "I Got a Feeling by Black Eyed Peas". It was a great pump up for everyone.

When the staring gun was finally fired, WUHOOO!! It was time to RUN

The race route was from Bonifacio Highstreet going to Gil Puyat Ave. in Makati.
The start of the race wasn't so good for me, I started out too fast compared to my normal pace and at the 1km mark I felt dry and heavy. Good thing there was already a water station early on, so I drank a little water and got myself back on track. 

Moving to the 2nd and 3rd km I was still feeling a little of the sluggishness and was scared for the rest of the race. At that point I prayed, I prayed to God asking Him to give this to me and bless me with the strength to move past this and finish the race strong.

In the end, my time are as follows:
52:18 - My watch
52:33 - Condura's Official Time

I am very very happy with my time, it was my goal at the start of this year to run a 10k on a sub 1hour and I did it!! Yay!!! Although can someone explain this to me, does this mean I came in 73rd place? hahaha I got this off the Condura Website

I can say that this was a good debut for both my first 10k and the sexy running shorts

 Here are the highs and the lows of the race as I have experienced

The High
  1. Well placed water stations
  2. Very good touch on the pump up program at the start of the race
  3. Lots of sponsors and lots of goodies
  4. Organized traffic of runners
  5. The very funny cheering squad which actually reminded me of this video 
The Low
  1. It was very dark at the buendia flyover *PITCH BLACK
So as I said earlier, this really was THE RACE for me. I would like to thank the organizers for everything, I know it must have been a whole lot of work to pull this off.


Here are some additional pictures of some of the personalities that found its way into my camera:

Friday, February 5

Race Kit Pick Ups

Today was a special day because I snuck away from work to pick up three race kits over at Bonifacio Highstreet. haha They were all there so it was a perfect time to do it! Here are the kits I wanted to pick up today:

  1. Condura Race
  2. TNF Race (North Face)
  3. Unilab Race
 Well out of the three, I only got two because, apparently the singlets for the TNF aren't printed yet. Quite a hassle 'cause they said it would be ready by February and I came all the way from Laguna to get them.  arrrgh!! Oh well, at least I got my two other race kits.

The Condura Race Kit had:

1.Race Bib
2.Race Shirt
3.Feminine Wash
4. Editable Race Bib
5. The Glow in the dark thing
6.Nutri Bar

I was one of the first for the Condura pick up and I think all those that were there had one thing to say, ANG INET!!! Yes, we stood there in the midst of the torching heat to pick up our race kits. But, it didn't matter because in the end we still all came out as happy boys and girls. haha

Looking at the race kit I said.. "Wow! No singlet?" Then I read it again, I misunderstood race bib as being a singlet. Damn.. that actually got me a little depressed cause I was expecting to have a new singlet from this. Oh well, a few moments later I got something to cheer me up! Scroll down a little more to see =p

The Unilab Race Kit had a little more goodies inside:

1. I'm not going to name each one, but there were a whole bunch of medicines ranging from enervon to cold ease and what not.
2. Race Singlet
3. Race Bib
4. The bag

My First SEXY Running Shorts

Apart from Condura being my first 10k race, this will be the debut of my first sexy running shorts! These are the really shorts ones and I bought them on sale at Nike for only 800 pesos. Wuhoo!! Condura here I come!!