Friday, December 11

Running not allowed

I feel like a little boy who is being punished for doing something bad. Its weakening, depressing, and just flat out annoying. Well, I have been training for the last few four months for my first 5k race and ever since last week I have noticed my performance dropping.

My pace went down from an average of 8:26 per mile to a disheartening 9:02 per mile. My runs started feeling sluggish, heavy, and I didn't feel so happy from doing it anymore. The same thing also happened to my strength training routine when I could barely finish off my reps and my warm ups were becoming a chore themselves.

So, after some research and feedback from the people at, we have come to the conclusion that I have been over training and I have to dial it down a little bit. Well, I guess I've just been feeling quite sad today cause I wasn't able to do my routine run today. It feels different not being able to run when you want to, I know that I want to, but running will just do more harm then good at this point in my training. I just gotta suck it up right now.

Next week.. Im looking forward to coming back to training =)

"Relish the bad training runs. Without them it's difficult to recognize, much less appreciate, the good ones." -Pat Teske


Gingerbreadman said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Jake! :) In my unabashed opinion, 4 months is way too long for a 5k my friend. I'll train 3 months... for a full marathon. Thus, it's no surprise that your performance is hitting a plateau, you may have missed the peak of your workout already. Most people work from quantity to quality. Thus, it would be prudent to first complete the distance in a couple of races, see your comfort level with it, then you focus on the time. Once you have achieved a certain level of satisfaction with your say, 5k time, you move on to the next higher distance. Unless you want to specialize., some people do that as well. Hope that helps man, keep on blogging!

Life Runner said...

Thanks! I came from a total non-running life so I was very "praning" and I worked on such a little increments in increasing my distance per week.. But well yes, I shall look forward to my next few races. I think my first race this coming Sunday will help set the tempo for the future.. Many thanks, hope you can drop by again! =)