Monday, December 28

Nike Plus Sport Band Review

The Nike Plus Sport Band is a device which is able to track your distance, pace, and calories burned. It uses a sensor that is attached to your shoe to calculate the strides that your foot makes to be able to measure the distance that you ran.

I bought myself a pair last week and since then I've logged about 8 different runs into it. Here are the pros and cons that I have experienced:

Accuracy - most people talk about how inaccurate the device is and even after calibration it still goes hay wire, well in my runs the sport band was nothing less than very accurate. In my first run, the track I was at was 800 meters and the sport band registered just that (I didn't even calibrate it yet).
Price - I got this for about 3,295 pesos. At first look you would already shout out the word pricey, but for a device like this this already cheap. Other devices that would do the same thing would be costing around 10k-15k.
Uploading Runs - Nike set up this program which is suppose to upload to your runs to their nike website and then this is where all your runs will be stored. Well, hmm.. how do I put this. Its been CRAP, ever since my first run not a single one of my runs have been saved into their website. Ive been going at it over and over again and nothing seems to work. Plus there hasn't been any help what so ever from the Nike customer service, damn.
Darkness - Hello? Mr. Nike have you heard of the device called a backlight? Yes sir, if it is pitch black you can not see a single thing on your sport band. This is quite a hassle for me especially because I run early in the morning, I actually have to pray that I see a lamp post soon that way I can get a glimpse of the data on the watch.
 Screen is too small - The screen is more or less about .5 inches and well its perfect if you just just want to see one data at a time, but then you have to shift through the buttons one at a time to see the different data that you need. All much too hassle when your running.

Taking all things into consideration, if you just want a device that will be able to help you know how far you are running this is already good buy. But if you are expecting a little more like heart rate, time splits, etc. I suggest you invest on those big boy watches like the Garmin.

Plain and simply the nike sport band is perfect for those people who don't have a measured track to run on and still want to know how far they have ran.


daytripper1021 said...

yup, one shud stil go for a Garmin as a long term running companion. A good investment.

pbunyar said...

If you already have an iPod, you should have done the Nike+ arrangement with it. This setup works great. It even tells you have far you have run as you are running. And you don't have to listen to music if so desire. And no problems uploading your workouts.

Life Runner said...

@pbunyar - yeah i heard there were less problems with the uploading part of that, oh well

Anonymous said...

sir, i was just wondering, did you download the app for your sport band? stupid question, i know..
hehehe but i didn't have problems with mine.