Thursday, December 24

Merry Nike Christmas

Buying a new shoe for myself was on top of my wish list for this Christmas. I was initially drooling over the those Newton shoes but my budget didn't quite make it, but no less I was able to buy myself the Nike Lunar Glide.

This is the first shoe I have ever bought with my own money so I'm quite happy with this one. I got them for 5,500 pesos over at Olympic Village in Alabang Town Center,but I have yet to test them.  I've got to say though, when I was fitting it, I was overwhelmed at the comfort I felt when i put my foot in and the response it had when I tried jogging with them in the store.

Apart from this I also added the Nike Plus Sport Band into my shopping bag, it was too irresistible. As I am always OC about my runs, I hope the sport band will be a great tool that would be able to help me improve myself even more.

Also I always wanted to just go running freely in the streets without worrying how far I've ran, I find that this would be more enjoyable then running in the oval that I usually train at.

If my story ended here it would have already been a pretty good one right? I myself would say so, but it gets better! My older brother who has been quite aware with my new fascination to running wanted to give me new running shoe as a Christmas gift and who was I say to say no to a blessing like this right? And thus my second shoe was born!

This time around I didn't get a training shoes anymore, I already opted to get racing flats instead cause what would I be doing with so many training shoes right?

So being the Nike addict I am, I got myself a pair of Nike Lunar Racers. Quite funny no? Yes yes, I am a Lunar addict and nobody can stop me!

I was honestly shocked at how light these shoes were, they made the Nike Lunar Glide feel like two bowling balls on my feet! Ok, I'm exaggerating here but they were much much lighter. But I think their still heavy as racing flats. Oh well, I still can't wait to test it out too.

Quite the irony though, I have so much new running gear but I have yet to test them cause I've been too busy with the Christmas happenings and all that. Next week will be a pure running week, yahoo!!

Merry Christmas everyone! =)