Tuesday, March 9

The 5k Unilab "feeling Kenyan" Run

The 5k Unilab Run was a memorable run for me cause it was the first time I ran with friends and other family members. Let's do a roll call!!

    1. Elmer Ching 5k                        6. Jeremiah Lee 5k
    2. Rexton Ching 21k                    7. Sarah Legazpi 3k
    3. Youma Shiozawa 5k                 8. Pamela Ching 3k
    4. Alyssa Apostol 5k                    9. Ashley Legazpi 500m
    5. Ryan Rotor 5k

    Yes there were a lot of us spread through out the run. Initially I joined this race for my cousin so I can accompany her in the 5k run, (which actually had a pretty funny story, more on that later) but as I started telling others it just spread like wild fire and people began signing up.

    We arrived at Bonifacio High Street at about 4:30 am. We got there really early to make sure that we got parking -the Superbods experience still haunts me after finding out people didn't get to park which led them to not being able to run- and were able to do our pre-race rituals.

    At about 5:30 am we all found each other except for my one cousin. I was getting a little scared that she might not make it on time.

    I promised her that I would run with her, but I can't miss gun start. 5:45 came and still she was no where in sight. I then told myself "I guess I'm gonna try for a PR then" hahaha

    I instantly rushed to the front of the race line since it was already about to start. Man was it a challenge! Squeezing through all those people was a race in itself.

    Once I made it up front and as the countdown started it was go time for me.

    5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. RUN!!!!

    I did not pace myself at all in the start of the race, I did my best to blast away from the pack as much as possible. It was not until 2km into the race that I was finally left with only a few runners, at this point all that was was going through my mind was to pace myself but not so much that people from behind can already begin to catch up.

    Honestly the race was fairly short and I was actually shocked when all of a sudden, WHOOP! it was already the turn around. Oh well, good for me I right? At that turn around I then started to pick up the pace.

    Once I started to make my way back, the main pack of runners just started to come into the first turn and well at this point I felt like a Kenyan (let me be!!! hahaha). Most people who have been running races know that exact feeling. It's when you see that the Kenyans are actually on their way back already while your still on the way to the turn around. Yes! for once I was one of those few people who were on their way back. hahaha

    Over all I finished the race with a time of 22:32 and placed in 9th place overall. Wuhooo!!!

    And as I always I feel that I could have never accomplished this without God who has always been blessing me in my runs.

    Question: Since the 3rd and 4th were DQ, does that make me 7th? hahaha

    As I crossed the finish line I went straight to Honda which was our meeting point. I was there for a few minutes stretching and cooling down when all of a sudden, WUHOW!! My cousin appeared, apparently she overslept and actually just arrived. I then told her, lets go run sayang naman binyad mo eh. And we did, so I actually did a 10k on that day. lol
    The second run I did was actually pretty fun. There were no more runners left on the road except for the 21k runners. It was nice and peaceful. This was the run I was looking forward to. Usually I always get to engrossed in the race that I don't have time to breath in the view and enjoy the run I am doing. This felt like the real run for me. 

    By the time we got back all our friends and family were there too.

    In all I want to congratulate all my friends who finally did their first race and I hope this will be the start of many more races to come, yes? 

    My Unilab Experience gets a 4/5 =)


      mina said...

      inggit ako. :|

      RunningAtom said...

      that's an awesome time and PR. Congratulations to you! Keep on running and see you soon in other races. :)

      Life Runner said...

      @mina - Maingit ka tlga! That was a stupid belief ok! haha

      @runningatom - hey thanks man, more power to you!