Thursday, March 11

My Doctor says Hi! I say, Good Bye!

It's always a pleasure and a pain to visit my physical therapist. For one, I love chatting with him for hours about running cause he too is a runner. But each time we see each other, in most instances I'm injured; and this was one of those instances.

I have two injuries, one was that I was feeling pain in my tibialis anterior tendon when ever I was walking

the other was on my soleus when I bended a certain way

It all pretty much started when I tried correcting my form. At first I thought it was just one of those aches when your muscles are trying to adjust to something new. But, it went on for about a week so right after the Unilab Race I told myself this might be something serious.

So once I got it diagnosed my doctor indicated that it was getting overused and I need to dial it down a little. In an instant I asked "So, no Running??" He said "Well kinda of, you can run in the pool if you want to"

Arrr.. No choice I guess. So right after diagnosing, we went down to business.

We started off by heating the injured parts for about 20 minutes

After we went on to do ultra sound which heats up the muscles inside.

Then lastly we moved on to some exercises which honestly boggled my mind. At first I thought it was a joke, but I think back now and they really work!!

Here is a video of the exercise I had to do for my left foot, I had to draw the ABC with that foot haha

Before the doctor discharged me he mentioned that I first get clearance with him before running my next race which is the 15k for Globe. As of now though, the pain has already subsided or maybe its the pain killers he gave me? haha Well either way I think one more therapy session should do the trick =)


Cai said...

Yay sa Saturday na ung Globe run :( are you now feeling ok?

I ran my first 5km last Saturday sa PIA 2010. :) I got inspired kasi with my friends who are already running and also from your life runner blog.

Thanks! And get well before the race.

Life Runner said...

@Cai - I actually don't know cause its still quite bothering me lately.. Good luck to me on Sunday >.<