Wednesday, March 31

Botak Paabilisan 2010 at Baguio

Botak is a sports shop in Quezon City which makes jersey's, shorts, and other sporting apparel.

Every year they hold an event called the "Botak Paa-bilisan Road Race Series" in Baguio. This year I was one of the lucky ones to be joining the race.

This is a pretty special race because it will be the first race that I will be doing out of town. I always thought my first out of town race would be somewhere in Tagaytay or Batangas. Oh well, this is way out of town and that's whats makes it more special.

We were a whole bunch that day. My cousins came along for the run and I'm very happy that they too have really been getting into running. Ever since I started, it was quite lonely. I did my first race alone, but then as it progressed more and more, people came with me to run. Maybe next time there we will be even more of us!

I was doing the 10k race in this event. Honestly, I was scared. Very scared. One week prior to this, I ran the 15k Globe Run for Home, and in this run I realized that hills are my biggest challenge. I gave out on the hills at Fort and the flyover at Buendia, it was too much for me. Now I am in Baguio, which is obviously notorious for having HILLS HILLS HILLS!!

Race started at 6:30 a.m. and it was freezing!! It took a while to get warmed up, but eventually I was ready to run!

As my brother and I started to line up, we noticed that there actually weren't a lot of runners. I would estimate the participants to be only around 80 maybe. To tell you the truth this actually felt good, for the first time the starting line wasn't all squishy and tight.

As the race started, I quietly paced myself at the back. Most of the runners passed me and I thought nothing of it. The hills were my enemy here and not them.

The race route was about 85% hills. The first few hills were challenging, but as you go on, you actually get used to them. I remember how I would dread the sight of the hills last week, but that day my mind just kept saying "bring it on!".

The view of the race route was majestic. It was trees all around you, the cool air, and the sight of runners making their way through the roads. This race was one for the books.

I finished with a time of

56min 16sec

I was very happy with the result of this race. A sub 60 was my goal here and I did it! I also feel that I have finally conquered the hills. I promise though, when I get back to training I'm going to integrate hill runs into my weekly routine.

After the race we had a few more photo shoots as usual haha

What better way to end a race then to eat back all the calories you just burned!

These steaks were the best 250 pesos ever spent.

Botak Paabilisan Experience: 4/5

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