Wednesday, June 16

A breath of inspiration, the Animo Sprint Triathlon

My eyes blew open as we entered the De La Salle Santiago Zobel swimming area last Sunday. Maybe it was just me, but I never saw a pool this wide and big, added to the fact that there were a lot of tri-athletes doing warm ups, my heart just blew open with excitement (which eventually led me to forget I was hungry).

I was here in the event with my brother and a couple of friends from ANR Alabang to act as support for sir John. We even had a banner for him and all!

As the race started I couldn't help but watch the athletes like a preying vulture, looking and dissecting each movement in search for techniques they had in their arsenal. The first part was the swimming leg. I enjoyed this portion the most, not only because this is the discipline I'm working on now; but since this is the only part of the race you can see from start to finish.

There was one athlete that day at the 40 and above age group who's swimming speed amazed me! From the start of the whistle you see him zoom past his competition. At the end of lane 1 he must have already opened up about a 25 meter gap and it just kept growing from there. Man was he fast! I didn't get his time but when he finished, I ran out with him to the transition area where he was getting ready to get on his bike. I was so glued on to him I felt like a stalker. lol
Over at the transition area, it was a heavenly sight. So many tri-bikes, road bikes, and a few mountain bikes shinning (at least in my eyes) under the sun. Oh the beauty, haaay.. 

I even saw my dream bike that day!

It's the Argon E-114. 
(I hear angel's singing every time I see it)


Back on planet earth, the race was still going on and the bikers started the second leg of the race. We couldn't watch this part of the race so we hung around the finish line instead and snacked on the free hot dogs! (I'm sorry, I forgot the name of the company that sponsored them)

After a couple of hot dogs, well actually 5 hot dogs, the bikers started pouring in. And it was at this time that I learned the best way to stop a tri-athlete on his tracks. Here's the secret, you stand in front of him, bend your legs a little bit, raise up your arms in front of him and say:



I promise you, it works every time! lol 

After dismounting, it was the last leg. RUN RUN RUN RUN!! Although I didn't really get to watch this part anymore cause my body finally realized that it needed to sleep. I was already looming into the dark side of my head and finally I was on auto-pilot. In my last fight to stay up, I realized that sir John was coming and spirits finally came back up. We were on full cheer mode as he made his way to the finish line.

Overall I really enjoyed this triathlon event. It opened my eyes to the things that need to be done to achieve feats like what these people did that day. 

Some people call runners crazy for running such long distances, what are tri-athletes then? Lunatics? Well, if being a lunatic is what it takes, then lets get started! 

*A special thanks goes out to Ms. Nao and Ms. Samantha for the photos from the event =)


Architect Bernardo B. Neri Jr. said...

Triathletes are runners too! I guess We can be called both crazy and lunatics! :D Great blog Nao! For sure one day you'll be doing the same things, like what triathletes do. :)

Life Runner said...

Thanks sir! oh and this isn't Nao's blog, she just posted my blog on her facebook wall =)

Gingerbreadman said...

Let's save up for this bike :P

Life Runner said...

@Luis - yeah mehn, ipon ipon na. congrats by the way on the epic relay, great job!