Monday, June 21

Down and Dirty at the New Balance Trail Run

I remember celebrating Valentine's day here at Nuvali earlier this year, and here I was back again on Father's day running the trails once more. 

This would be my second time doing a trail run and I have never been more excited. The idea of running through a forest of trees, methodically maneuvering through slippery rocks, and of course running through a river is my kind of FUN.

Coming into the race, I was very eager to get it started. I think I was excited being back with nature again. It's very different running the trails. The pavement is softer, the air is cleaner, the environment cooler, it kinda makes me think why we don't run here more often? 

While warming up I noticed a few personalities in the crowd. One of them was the "afro man" himself (although I think he's been trimming it lately, not as poofy as it used to be) coach Rio, there were also a few kenyans who go into it (kenyans on trail runs too?? Wuhow!) and of course the ANR Alabang peeps. 

As the race started, we were shocked cause all of us were facing north when the race route was actually to the south! It was the funniest thing ever since people started running one way and we were in awe that it was starting already.

The route we had was a very enjoyable one to say the least. It was filled with dirt tracks, steep descents, river crossings, and grass lands. If trail was what you wanted, trail is what you get! I even slipped on the descent to the river, but none the less I made sure I slipped in the "coolest" way possible. "Para astig parin, diba?" lol

Overall I would say that the experience of this race was a big 5/5. But in terms of event management I felt that a few other things should have been taken cared of:

  • colder post race refreshments
  • at least one more water station (they only had 2 all through out the 15km route)
  • lack of ample size of finisher shirts
But hey why let that ruin your day right? I was still all good vibes after the race cause the endorphins kept kicking my brain cells into overdrive. So thanks again to New Balance and Nuvali for providing us with such a great event!

Oh and here's a shout to all the gaurds and race marshals through out the trail, the nicest people I have ever met! Almost everyone of them greets you a gooooood morning!!


Anonymous said...

i agree with you that they shoul've added another water station. Still a great race though and the route was nice and challenging! Congrats on your run!:-)