Monday, June 28

Taking the next step in this love affair

When I first met her, I didn't even know if we were meant to be. I still gave it a try though. We usually meet every morning at the same place, at the same time. But, as time grew more of a constraint, we would have to make do with spontaneous moments we could find. Still, we made it work. Through thick and thin we were together, and that is what I believe has kept us going. Everyday she pushes me to work harder and I'm thankful for that. I have become a better man because of it.

Marking today, it has been a total of ten months since we've been together and  I believe I am ready. I'm ready to give it to her and take our relationship to the next step. I know this won't be a mistake and I'm ready to take all the sacrifices to make this happen. Oh Runi I'm ready to do it. 

I'm ready to run my first Marathon

But, just like the movies I want it to be special. I want it to be in a scenic route where I can always look back at and say, I ran that! I want memories of experiences through out the run to be embedded in my brain. I want it to be purely magical. 

I'm not in that much of a hurry. But I need to know which marathon I will be joining next year so that I can make preparations. As of now, I'm internally debating between two events. These are Condura 2011 and the The Bull Runner Dream Marathon. If I could I would join both, but I need to set realistic goals. They both have good things to offer and I don't know which one to choose. Here are my thoughts on each one:

Condura 2011
  • its the skyway! Come on!! Need I say more? 
  • the event is to die for, my first 10k was here and they had the best pre-race opening ever
  • the organizer Mr. Concepcion aka Running Shield is a runner himself, so I'm pretty sure most of the things runners have problems with are covered
  • again, its the SKYWAY!!!!
The Bull Runner Dream Marathon
  • I heard the dreamers here were pampered, really pampered!
  • I saw that they had great support and also there were seminars on attacking your first marathon
  • My turn off for this one is the route, it isn't as great
I actually don't have the full details on each one but I would really love to get your ideas and feedbacks on which would be the best event to have your first marathon in.

Please vote using the polls that I have attached or if you have other suggestions of better races, please do feel free to leave your comments. Thanks! =)
Disclaimer: Runi is a non-realistic, fictional character and I am not dating anyone. So yes girls, please do leave your cell-numbers at the comment box bellow. Thank you. =)


Anonymous said...

kahit saan pa yan.suportahan taka!hehehehe(ambow)

Jai said...

You have enough time to train for Condura 2011 and even more for TBR Dream Marathon. Both of these marathons are equally exciting and challenging in their own routes.
But it was only TBR who pampered 1st/2nd time marathoners in Nuvali. Would you be one of them next year?
We'll be there to support/pace/chase/cheer you up on your choice of your marathon debut..

journeyingjames said...

TBR, para isang pamilya tayo! haha nice one elmer, see yah tom!

Anonymous said...

Hi Elmer. Nice post regarding whatever you'll do for a marathon debut. I agree with Jai regarding training time of Condura and TBR. Also, I believe both of them will be quality ones on quality courses. Good luck with the training. If it's okay, I'd like to add you to my blogroll. Take care. - Wayne

Life Runner said...

Thanks for the relay of information guys!

kassy said...

I suggest do the bull runner dream marathon, I did my first with jaymie and we're very much taken cared of. a very memorable one plus we'll be there to be your dream chaser, pace you! :)

te said...

solar eclipse marathon!!! may solar eclipse, along the beach ang route, at sa australia -- san ka pa?!

Leonard 'jojo' guiang said...

Nice, I will pray for you and always remember that God is Love and the source of Love. Stay in love to her and entrust it to God and he will not fail you. God bless.

jyne said...
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jyne said...
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jyne said...
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moonriver said...

09275640131 :)

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