Tuesday, September 14

Triple A Cup (Aquathlon) Results

Race Results
Event: Triple A Cup
Date: Sunday, September 12, 2010
Location : The Palms

Triple A Result Category

Triple A Results Overall


Argonaut said...

Hello Elmer, First of all congrats sa iyo. Galing! di ko pa nakayanan ang 23min sa 5k.. hehe!!

Over all, the even is indeed enjoying and I'm glad meeting all of you.

Oh by the way, sa result, may question ako.
1. Hindi sinama yung transition?
2. Parang napagbaliktad ung legs for lite and extra lite. :)

Life Runner said...

Yung transition hindi siya nasama, but in reagards dun sa nagkabaliktad I've just uploaded now the updated copy =)

GST Course said...

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