Monday, February 8

10k Condura Race aka Debut of the Sexy Running Shorts

In describing the Condura Race 2010, this is all I can say:
I haven't attended a lot of races, heck I've only done three so far. But, if I were to have my standards set, this would be the race that sets the bar. Everything wasn't perfect, but everything that really mattered was. The race kit pick up, race day, water stations, etc. were all thought off and carefully planed, and they were executed beautifully.

Let's look at why it was such a memorable run for me, shall we?

The night before race day I went to bed at about 7:30pm, but I was tossing and turning for 2 hours till I finally fell asleep. I am guessing the excitement really got to me. I  then woke up at about 3:00am, got my things ready and finally made my way to Fort Bonifacio
The start of the race was at 28th street, so we rushed there as soon as we parked our car. Upon reaching the starting line, we saw that the 21k runners were about to start so I went straight ahead and warmed up. A few minutes later it was the 10k's turn to start and I finally made my way to the starting line where I situated myself at the middle of the pack.

While waiting for the race to start, the organizers had something special for the racers. At about two minutes before gun start they had fireworks shooting up into the sky while some dancers were dancing to the song "I Got a Feeling by Black Eyed Peas". It was a great pump up for everyone.

When the staring gun was finally fired, WUHOOO!! It was time to RUN

The race route was from Bonifacio Highstreet going to Gil Puyat Ave. in Makati.
The start of the race wasn't so good for me, I started out too fast compared to my normal pace and at the 1km mark I felt dry and heavy. Good thing there was already a water station early on, so I drank a little water and got myself back on track. 

Moving to the 2nd and 3rd km I was still feeling a little of the sluggishness and was scared for the rest of the race. At that point I prayed, I prayed to God asking Him to give this to me and bless me with the strength to move past this and finish the race strong.

In the end, my time are as follows:
52:18 - My watch
52:33 - Condura's Official Time

I am very very happy with my time, it was my goal at the start of this year to run a 10k on a sub 1hour and I did it!! Yay!!! Although can someone explain this to me, does this mean I came in 73rd place? hahaha I got this off the Condura Website

I can say that this was a good debut for both my first 10k and the sexy running shorts

 Here are the highs and the lows of the race as I have experienced

The High
  1. Well placed water stations
  2. Very good touch on the pump up program at the start of the race
  3. Lots of sponsors and lots of goodies
  4. Organized traffic of runners
  5. The very funny cheering squad which actually reminded me of this video 
The Low
  1. It was very dark at the buendia flyover *PITCH BLACK
So as I said earlier, this really was THE RACE for me. I would like to thank the organizers for everything, I know it must have been a whole lot of work to pull this off.


Here are some additional pictures of some of the personalities that found its way into my camera:


Gingerbreadman said...

Congratulations Elmer, you did very well :) That is an awesome time, top 4%. The family is very proud of you. You should be doing sub-50's soon once you put the miles and training into it :) Celebrate, you should be proud!

Hotlegs Runner said...

wow sub-60! congratulations =)

Life Runner said...

Luis: Hey thanks, yeah I'm really happy with it.. Now, I'm pressured though to keep my time on the next 10k Race, ahhhh!! haha

Julie: Thank thanks! =)