Wednesday, February 10

The Simple Life

I have always though about how people from the olden times like the stone age, medieval, roman times, etc. always looks so ripped and buffed. I mean think about it, about 90% of them were all very healthy, lean, and quite strong. Pictures and paintings always represented them this way.

But, comparing  today and before, we have all these things like exercise machines, dumbbells, protein shakes, gatorade, diet pills, and what not, yet still we have a much harder time keeping ourselves in shape. They who had a little or even none of these things were in the greatest shape of their lives. Why is that?

Well probably because, today we aren't NATURAL anymore. Most of the things that we eat or do are all somehow "pre-made". Just take a look around us, when was the last time we ate natural good old cooked food? Almost all the things around us are made in factories just like our canned food, dairy products, and canned vegetables which are all bombarded with preservatives.

Even in terms of exercise, there are a lot of things that we make our bodies do that it wasn't really made for. Although, with running I've always felt a connection with it. I've always felt that this was something that we should really be doing. I mean think about it, what comes more natural than any other sport than running? Compare it to sports like soccer, weightlifting, badminton, etc. they are all somehow rooted from running.

This is why I love running, cause its real and it is what it is. Running is... Running, no more, no less =)


Luigi said...

Makes sense, why waste our time with all the different so called fat loss exercises and drinks when we can just easily run

Mina said...

hey wow, never though of it like that.. pretty cool! :)

Mariel said...

"hmmm.. maybe I should go natural now too.. Thanks Life!"