Monday, February 22

10k Century Tuna Superbods Run


That was the first reaction I instantly got when I arrived at Bonifacio High Street that morning. It was the coolest and most sophisticated starting line I had ever seen. I felt like Optimus Prime had transformed into it.

I stared with my usual pre-race ritual which was a warm up run going away from the race site and breathing in the atmosphere that I was about to submerege myself into. By doing this, I always feel that I take away the pre-race jitters and get more relaxed.

On to the race! My distance for this one was 10km and I was looking to do my run and do it as I always do. If I break my PR then yay and if not, its all good. It was a no pressure run for me.

We were sent off at about 5:35am and it was game on! The race route pretty much went around the fort, there were a lot of turns which honestly made me a little confused cause you don't know your suppose to turn until your there. Add this to the fact that there were some parts thats were not well lit, so your pretty much running blind.

Through the run, I was actually shocked cause I caught up with the 21k runners and that actually complicated a few things for me. Since it was dark, I was basing my turns and what not on the person in front of me which I expected to be 10k runners. But lo and behold, now it gets confusing cause I was mixed with 21k runners and of course we don't have the same route.

Thankfully though, I came out of it alright and I was on my way back to the finish line. At that point I was thinking that everything was going to be alright. But it was very far from it. I was about 1km away from the finish line and then I got mixed up with the 3k runners and some 5k runners. ARRRRR....

This was not just a few runners, this was the late pack of runners so it was a sea of runners again that I had to dodge through. It was honestly quite stressful, added to this was that I was guessing my way back to the finish line. I actually had to start looking for other 10k runners and ask them where is the way back..

On the final stretch to the finish line there were actually a few people who stop way before the line and take pictures. Forgive me for the profanity now but F* YOU! Damn it! There are other runners behind you!! That's the final lane to the finish line, so you DO NOT STOP right there. I actually had to run from side to side, jump over this mini baricade just so that I don't wont need to stop.. arrrr....

Wusaaaaaaaaa...... WOOOOOOOOOOOSaaaaaaa....

I finished the race with a time of 49:43.Yes, this was a new PR for me but in my head I knew I could have done better if things were a little more organized. But none the less I am very happy with what I have.

Well, I'm not going to go on anymore rambling about this and that. All I can say is, it could have been better. It was a pretty big race holding about 12,000 runners and probably it was bit overwhelming for the organizers.

I've also read the apology that coach Rio already posted and I'm quite confident that on the second leg of the run rio trilogy things will turn out way much more better.

On an added not, the updated results of the 10k run came out, and I finally found name. I'm a little confused and shocked honestly, really? hmmm... I duno, I smell something fishy here.. I'm still sticking to my watch time of 49:43. That time up there maybe true, it also may not. But I honestly believe I don't deserve that, its just WHAT!? Can someone help me confirm this? It would be of great help, thanks =)


TyRyanasaurus said...

haha, congrats in breaking your old PR. Bawi nalang sa unilab. =3

Gingerbreadman said...

Melvin, you have a knack for this running thing buddy. Ever since you first posted your times, I thought you had loads of potential. It took me more than a year before I finally broke the 50 minute barrier for 10k.And it's like your 3rd race? Lots of fun races to come man. Just keep on training, the higher distances beckon once you get bored with it. By the way, what's your full name? I'll add you to the fun monster list I have on my site. Congrats! You did very well.

Gingerbreadman said...

Melvin tuloy, Elmer haha. Sorry I'm horrible with names. Haha.

Kristen said...

Congratulation for the new PR. I also participated in the run and I think your opinion about confusion on turns and running blind is because of the dozens of participants. It was well organize and I agree that it was the coolest and most sophisticated starting line.