Friday, February 5

Race Kit Pick Ups

Today was a special day because I snuck away from work to pick up three race kits over at Bonifacio Highstreet. haha They were all there so it was a perfect time to do it! Here are the kits I wanted to pick up today:

  1. Condura Race
  2. TNF Race (North Face)
  3. Unilab Race
 Well out of the three, I only got two because, apparently the singlets for the TNF aren't printed yet. Quite a hassle 'cause they said it would be ready by February and I came all the way from Laguna to get them.  arrrgh!! Oh well, at least I got my two other race kits.

The Condura Race Kit had:

1.Race Bib
2.Race Shirt
3.Feminine Wash
4. Editable Race Bib
5. The Glow in the dark thing
6.Nutri Bar

I was one of the first for the Condura pick up and I think all those that were there had one thing to say, ANG INET!!! Yes, we stood there in the midst of the torching heat to pick up our race kits. But, it didn't matter because in the end we still all came out as happy boys and girls. haha

Looking at the race kit I said.. "Wow! No singlet?" Then I read it again, I misunderstood race bib as being a singlet. Damn.. that actually got me a little depressed cause I was expecting to have a new singlet from this. Oh well, a few moments later I got something to cheer me up! Scroll down a little more to see =p

The Unilab Race Kit had a little more goodies inside:

1. I'm not going to name each one, but there were a whole bunch of medicines ranging from enervon to cold ease and what not.
2. Race Singlet
3. Race Bib
4. The bag

My First SEXY Running Shorts

Apart from Condura being my first 10k race, this will be the debut of my first sexy running shorts! These are the really shorts ones and I bought them on sale at Nike for only 800 pesos. Wuhoo!! Condura here I come!!


Anonymous said...

thank you for joining unilab run united. we crossposted your blog in the Unilab Run United Facebook Fan Page.!/pages/Unilab-Run-United-for-Wellness/461615230200?ref=mf

Life Runner said...

Thanks =)

Gingerbreadman said...

Have fun tomorrow bro, COndura is always the most anticipated race every year. Yeah, they never give singlets, it's always a shirt. Good luck!

Life Runner said...

Yep yep! Good luck to you too! I don't think I will be able to sleep properly tonight haha

MinnieRunner said...

See you at the UNILAB Run :)

Adelwina Chik said...

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