Sunday, January 3

100 Push Up Goal

I am one of those runners who believe that improvement in running can also be done off the track. One of the key activities I do is support my running with a solid strength program at the gym. I consider this as an integral part not only for improvement but also as a way to keep myself less prone to injury.

Recently I chanced upon a website called "". This website gives you a 6 week strength training program specifically for the improvement of your pushups and promises you to be able to do a 100 push ups by the end of the of it all. This website caters to people of different strength levels, from those people who can only belch out 5 push ups to the elite ones who can do a 100 and above. It's basically for everyone!

Right about now though, some of you maybe thinking. A push up? Really? But why I'm a runner, so I only basically use my legs during my runs. I dont need that! Screw you Life Runner!!!

Well my friend I would say  your as wrong as two guys sipping out Coke from the same straw. Running is very much a whole body exercise like any other sport. We use muscles from our shoulders, arms, abdominal, and so forth during our runs. So these are muscles that we also need strengthen, that way they don't fatigue as fast and also so there is more power in them.

And come one how cool will it be to do a 100 push ups? So get up and try it guys! See you in 6 weeks!


Cai said...

Oh my! I will totally check this out. I am currently planning my training program as a part of my 2010 goals. Maybe I can include this. =)

See you after six weeks!

Life Runner said...

Sure will, sige kita kita in push up land haha