Wednesday, January 20

Run Fat Boy, Run!

Run Fat Boy, Run is a story about Dennis Doyle who runs away from his pregnant  fiancé on their wedding day and after 5 years realizes what a mistake he has done. So he tries to win her back from her new boyfriend by running a 42km full marathon to show how much he has changed.

Through out the story he is trained by his friend Gordon and his land lord Mr. Goshdashtidar. His sole inspiration for this run was his 5 year old son Jake, to be able to show him that his father is not a loser and that he can and will achieve what he set his mind to do.

Well, the story line isn't very good and you can practically see whats coming, but the comedy and the enjoyment surrounding the story is what gives it its edge.

Would I say its an inspiring story? Well hmmm.. not really so, but it would be something that a runner should definitely watch! It reminds us of why we run, which I believe is a core element in every runners life.