Sunday, January 24

Race Day Sunday at De La Salle Zobel

Feeling good! That's how it was this morning at the 1st Run Green Marathon of De La Salle Santiago Zobel School. I estimated the number of people to be about 300-400. It was quite a small crowd mixed with students, alumni, PNP cadets, and outsiders (like me! haha).

This race was a 5k warm up race for the upcoming Condura run on February 7, since I will be doing my first 10k there. My main goal for this race was just to run it at what ever pace I felt like and just enjoy it, no pressure, no time, no whatever. Just RUN! =)

This race was also quite better cause my brother Rex also joined me for this one. Even though we both ran on different paces it was still good, its just different finishing the race with another person you know. You know?

insert ----> (Vit Water! You know?)

The route of the run went around mostly the major roads of Ayala Alabang. It went from University Ave, to Acacia, then to Madrigal, and went back around. The road was quite tough at time since there were "sneaky" inclines that you didn't really notice until you were there. It was both challenging and still very fun.

My final time are as follows:

My watch: 23:52

Organizer's Stopwatch: 23:48

My Original Finish Line Photo

I had to take another one though cause my sister told me I didn't look "serious" enough haha well soreehh!! I kinda like looking goofy while running lol

Overall it was a really good race, I was a little bothered though by the time. Don't get me wrong I am very happy with my time but the first time I ran a 5k I finished at 29:34 and this time around I finished at the 23 minute mark.. I duno, I just feel like course wasn't a full 5k? I'm really not sure.. Or maybe I already got faster? arrrghhh.. Well whatever, I'm happy both ways