Thursday, January 14


I've always wanted to try a trail run after seeing Ryan Hall do his training on those "dirt road" tracks. It always seemed so cool sice it was closer to nature that way, the clean air, the trees, and all that jazz. Also this time we can really get down and dirty with the MUD!!! oh yeah!!

Well the run I'm planning to take part of is the 11k, I actually wanted a much shorter route like a 5k since I will just be coming off my first 10k race the week before. Oh well, I doesn't really matter since I'm doing this run purely just to enjoy it, no pressure on time, no pressure on pace, no nothing. Just good pure running!

One problem though I came about was that I had no trail shoes! I was initially planning on just doing it with my Nike Lunar Glide, good thing though the peeps at gave me a heads up to use my old shoes instead cause I may end up crying after the race lol

So just a wrap up:
Date: Feb 14, 2009

Location: Nuvali

Start: 5:00 am

See you there!!!!!!!!