Thursday, January 7

The little voice that says stop or go

Have you heard him? I do! I hear him every time , he sometimes tells me to keep going but on most occasions he begs me to stop. All I know is that his always there, trying to control me, to do what he bids. He speaks of laziness, being tired, giving up, and does everything just to make you stop. But I have began to realize that if you don't listen, that is when the greatness of you comes out.

Did you ever here of the saying that most people give up too early not knowing how close they were to achieving their goal? Well here is a simple story I recently went through. I was doing a run (race pace) one morning with a 5k distance. I started out my run pretty good until I hit about the 1.5k mark. From this point my mind kept talking to me, telling me to just stop cause I was too tired and making excuses like my legs hurt and all that but I didn't mind that voice and just went on. Later on he came back at my turn around at the 2.5k mark saying the same damn things, making me want to quit. But, I did it again and made him shut up by drowning him out with other thoughts.

Later again at about only 1k left to go he came back and at this period I just began to laugh inside, since I then realized that if I gave into him and believed him back then in my first 1.5k I wouldn't be where I am now, and so goes the same back at the 2.5k mark. Apparently there is more to me than I thought, and I firmly believe the same goes the same for everyone too.

Everyday we can quit on doing something that seems to hard, quit because you just can't do it anymore, or maybe even quit since its taking too long.. But the thing is, what if we don't quit? What happens then?

Well for me at least, what happen was at the end of the run I actually set a new PR which was 28:38 on a 5k distance, I beat my old record which was 29:43. So well yeah, whats stopping us now?


Ryan Joseph said...

naks! ang ganda ng entry na to!!

Life Runner said...

hahaha inspirational ba? thanks for the visit! =)